HeartSong Hounds is a home kennel located in South Florida for Silken Windhounds, a small long haired sighthound. Silkens were bred to be an ultimate family dog and have the grace, gentleness and intelligence to be true heart dogs. Their capacity for love and loyalty is boundless. They are quiet and proud yet playful and full of joy.  Their beauty is ethereal and breathtaking. with streamlined and athletic bodies and long soft silky coats that gently move with each breath.  Looking into my girls’ eyes is looking into eyes full of soul and love.

For information about Silken Windhounds, please go to www.silkenwindhounds.org.  (link)  Here you will find the breed standard (http://www.silkenwindhounds.org/breeders.htm), the story of the breed and much more. 

Those that are owned by these wonderful creatures are a very welcoming and supportive bunch. We have a Yahoo group where most of us keep in touch and share our dogs… you are welcome to join… just email me and ask. Also, you will find there are events coming up where you will be able to meet a Silken. Many of us travel to conformation shows and performance events such as racing and coursing.  We love to see the look on the faces of those meeting a Silken for the first time.  So come join us.  Be welcome.  I’m glad you are here.

Victoria Lichtman